If you are shipping hazardous or dangerous goods then you need to define which items have which Shipping Classification code. This can vary between shipping agents. Some agents define some items as not notifiable where others insist the item should be. This can be the same for services, for example if you send it by air freight its dangerous but domestic or sea freight isn’t. We need to link the Item No. with the Shipping Agent and the Shipping Agent Service.

This is done by accessing the Shipping Item Classification from the Line action bar on the Shipping Agent page (as shown below)

This takes you to a page as follows

You need to create an entry for each hazardous item for the shipping agent and service you want to ship it with and link it to the appropriate shipping classification code.

Remember that all the items need an Item Unit of Measure defined for the Unit of Measure the Shipping Classification has to be declared in. Otherwise you get the error shown below and the entry cannot be completed

To create the Item Unit of Measure you go to the Item Card for that item and select Navigate, Item and then Units of Measure.

Create an entry (standard Business Central function) for the shipping classification unit of measure complete with a Qty. per Unit of Measure that relates it back to the Base Unit of Measure for that item. In the example below the 500ml each can is set to 0.5L for the shipping classification purposes.