Setting up Clever Invoicing Enhancements is really convenient with just 2 places to confirm setup for the whole application.

Firstly, open the "Invoicing Enhancement Setup" page where you can choose if you want to Automatically Post Invoices. Where this is 'No', when Invoices are created for Customers that are using Invoicing Enhancements, just open "Sales Invoices" will be created. Where this is 'Yes', "Posted Sales Invoices" are made immediately. This can be changed as and when required. 

Secondly, open up a "Customer Card" you want to assign Invoicing Enhancement setup to. Scrolling down to the Invoicing FastTab, you'll notice a new section for Scheduled Invoicing with 3 new fields. 

The Invoice Consolidation field is a dropdown showing 3 options; 'blank' which just means no scheduled invoicing is in use for this Customer via Clever Invoicing Enhancements. The other options are 'Order by Order', which will combine all shipments from a "Sales Order" into 1 Invoice and 'Per Shipment', which will create an Invoice for every "Posted Sales Shipment" raised from the same "Sales Order". 

As with standard Business Central functionality, you can use the Combine Shipments feature to combine shipments from multiple "Sales Orders" for the Customer. This feature can be switched on in the Shipping FastTab. Changing the Combine Shipments toggle to 'Yes' will immediately change the Invoice Consolidation to 'Blank' if populated. Should a User then try and choose another option from the Invoice Consolidation dropdown, this will immediately change the Combine Shipments to 'No', effectively forcing the User to just have 1 option chosen. 

The Invoice Frequency field then requires the User to populate a formula value, i..e '1D' for One Day, '1W' for One Week etc. This will be used when scheduling the invoices in conjunction with the Last Invoiced Date field, which is editable and allows the User to setup the date the last invoices were created on installation of the Clever Invoice Enhancements app. 

When an invoice process is then ran, a check will then be done for the Last Invoiced Date (in this example '01/10/2023'), plus the Invoice Frequency, eg '7D', and only generate the invoice if 'Todays Date' either meets or exceeds the calculated date of '08/10/2023' from this example because I am wanting Business Central to only create invoices every 7 days starting from '01/10/2023'. The Last Invoiced Date remains an editable field in case this ever needs to be changed. 

The above fields should be updated on every "Customer Card" you want to use the Invoicing Enhancements with so once those are populated, you are ready to start using this feature on any new or existing "Sales Orders".