Back on the Shipping Agent List, you will then need to select the Related Menu Option and then click on Shipping Agent Services.

In the below list, you will see all the Shipping Agent Services that you enabled against the Shipping Agent Card.  There are some additional Fields here which need to be considered and completed where required as part of the setup for Clever Shipping Agent Integration.

Enabled for Integration

This Field will be automatically ticked when the Service has been Enabled within the Shipping Agent Card as described here Shipping Agent Integration Services

Default Service Type

In this Field, you should define whether that Service is to be used with Domestic or International Shipments.

Default Service

This Field can be used to define one Service as the default for both Domestic and International Shipments.  You can only tick this Field against one Service of each Type and it will then be used when the Shipping Agent Service Code Field is blank on Shipping documents.

Check Items on Document Release

This field can be used to implement a check on the items to ensure all the fields required for shipping have been populated when a document is released. If they are not completed, then an error will appear advising you what information needs to be completed.

Note - The option selected here will override the default option defined on the Shipping Agent Integration Setup Page.

Default Shipment Method

This Field should be used to define the Shipment Method that is suggested by default when using that Service.

Agent Collection Time

This Field can be populated with the usual time of day that the Shipping Agent will collect Shipments when using this Service.

When Submitting a Consignment, it will fail if the date and time defined is after the collection time defined here.

Packaging Code

This Field should be populated with the default Packaging Type  that will be used with this Service.

Auto Create Containers

This Field can be set if the Service relates to an Export service, where the use of "Clever WMS Containers" functionality is mandatory, but where you wish the system to automatically create the Containers based on the No. of Packages you are shipping. See here for further information.