Finally, we need to indicate on the Shipping Agent Services page which of the Shipping Agent services is the default. From the standard Shipping Agents page (close the Integration Setup Shipping Agent Card to return to Business Central’s standard Shipping Agent list) select the Shipping Agent with the Default Agent set, then select Navigate, Line, Shipping Agent Services from the top menu to get the page below.

Once on the Shipping Agent Services page you need to set the Default Service for both domestic and international services you want to be used unless another is selected.

Clever Shipping Agent Integration knows when a consignment is being sent internationally because the Country/Region Code on the consignment is not blank and does not match the Country/Region code of the Location that its being consigned from.

Using this logic, the system will determine if this is an Export consignment and will suggest the service where the Default Service Type is set to International and the Default Service option is set. If the Export flag is not set on the consignment the suggested service will be the one where the Default Service Type is Domestic and the Default Service flag is set.

The additional fields added by Clever Shipping Agent Integration for each service are:

Enabled by Integration: Read only this is set when the service is created from Services Page on the Integration Setup and signifies that this service is enabled for the API.

Default Service Type: Options are International and Domestic, set this to identify if the service is for in country or export use.

Default Service: You can use this to select one service each as the default for both Domestic and International Services

Agent Collection Time: This is the usual time of day that the shipping agent collects this service. The API will fail if the date and time of collection is before the time that the consignment is submitted and therefore it's important that you put the last possible time the collection might be made.

Packaging Code: This is the default packaging type that will be used with this service.