Clever Quality

Clever Quality is designed to provide businesses with a means of setting up quality points within their process.  At this point, Quality Orders can be run in accordance with the Tests that you pre-define so that a user can either 'Pass' or 'Fail' those tests which therefore either blocks the Item in question from being used or allows the remaining process to continue once it has passed its quality check.

In addition to blocking failed items, the App also allows automatic creation of orders once a specified document has been created.  Most of these require Items that are Lot or Serial No tracked but Warehouse Receipts/Shipments can be created for non tracked Items.  Finally, Lot/Serial Tracked Items can be sent to a Rework Order when a Quality check has failed in order to rectify the problem and enable the item to pass further testing. Where goods fail their checks, they can be scrapped from the Quality Order by using Scrap Items which will move the inventory and write it off automatically.

Complete with its own Role Centre for easy monitoring, this is the ideal extension to add to ensure the quality of products you are receiving and shipping are to the expected standard.

Clever Quality has a dependency on Clever Document Links.