Opening up the "Quality Setup" Page from the search bar shows several FastTabs to populate. The first of which is the General FastTab which just includes setup for 1 field. 

Allow concessions is a field you can change the option for if you wish to use these. A concession within the Clever Quality App is where you enter results on a "Quality Order" which lead to a 'Fail', but as a business, you wish to pass these as a concession - so it's an override, allowing you to pass the "Quality Order". As a business, it's up to you if you wish to allow for these with the options: 'Selected Users', 'Always' or 'Never'. 

Choosing 'Selected Users' will require you to set these up. Choosing 'Always', will allow any user to change the Failed result of a "Quality Order" to a 'Concession' to pass it. If you choose the 'Never' option, than changing the result of a failed "Quality order" will never allow a user to mark it as a concession.