Opening up the "Quality Setup" Page from the search bar shows several FastTabs to populate. The first of which is the General FastTab which just includes setup for 2 fields. 

Allow concessions is a field you can change the option for if you wish to use these. A concession within the Clever Quality App is where you enter results on a "Quality Order" which lead to a 'Fail', but as a business, you wish to pass these as a concession - so it's an override, allowing you to pass the "Quality Order". As a business, it's up to you if you wish to allow for these with the options: 'Selected Users', 'Always' or 'Never'. 

Choosing 'Selected Users' will require you to set these up. Choosing 'Always', will allow any user to change the Failed result of a "Quality Order" to a 'Concession' to pass it. If you choose the 'Never' option, than changing the result of a failed "Quality order" will never allow a user to mark it as a concession. 

The other field is Allow Cancellation, which is the ability to provide users access to cancel (delete) open "Quality Orders". From the dropdown for this field, you can either choose from; 'Always', 'Selected Users' or 'Never'. Where 'Always' is selected, this is not user specific, so any User can use the Cancel Quality Order option within a "Quality Order" with this setting. 

If you never want the ability to cancel open "Quality Orders", regardless of Users, then choose 'Never' from the dropdown. This will permanently grey out the above option on the "Quality Order" card which cannot be selected. 

In the instance that you want the ability to cancel open "Quality Orders" but only certain users can perform this action, then from the Allow Cancellation dropdown, select the 'Selected Users' option. This requires some additional setup in the "Quality Team Members" page to confirm which Users can delete Quality Orders. This can be accessed here to complete.