Currently there are two ways to define customer templates in Business Central, Configuration Templates or Customer Templates. Both template types have been extended to work with Clever Credit as detailed below.

Configuration Templates

The first option is to define a "Configuration Template" for different types of Customers who uses Clever Credit. For these, the following three fields can be set on the Lines FastTab:

  • Exclude from Credit Hold

  • Exclude from Overdue Hold

  • Credit Hold All Documents

Once you mark the Configuration Template as 'Enabled’, the record will be available once you create a new Customer.

By selecting the configuration template when making a new Customer, the predefined Clever Credit fields will be set using the default values from the "Configuration Template".

Using Customer Templates

For the second option, you can simply open "Customer Templates" and create a new template for Clever Credit Customers. Here, a copy of a blank Customer Card will open, in which case you can populate the fields you want to auto-populate for all Clever Credit Customers (more than likely the same fields as defined in the Config templates above). Once this is saved, any new Customer created can use the new Clever Credit Template and have the fields auto-populated immediately on creation.