SSCC numbers (Serial Shipping Container Code) are used when sending out Shipments to your Customers.  The SSCC is a unique 18 digit serial number which contains your GS1 company prefix and will be used to identify each individual Container being shipped.

The SSCC should be generated as per GS1 standards which will be recognised internationally.  It contains no information about the Container contents but will provide a link to the systems where the information is held to make it easier to track and trace.

Please refer to this link for further information GS1 UK | Logistics labels and SSCCs

The fields available on this FastTab will be used to generate the SSCC number used on Containers where required. 

 SSCC No. Series


This field is used to create the Serial Number part of the SSCC number and allows you to select a number series which should be used to generate it.  This number can be between six and nine digits in length, depending on the length of your GS1 Company Prefix. 

 SSCC No. Prefix


In this field, you should enter in your companies GS1 Prefix number.  This will have been allocated to your when you joined GS1 UK.

SSCC Extension Digit


This field is optional to complete but maybe used to “Pad Out” the GS1 Company Prefix number and Serial No. if the required length is not met.

No. of Copies SSCC Labels

This field should be used to define the number of SSCC Labels you would like to print.  

SSCC labels can be printed out from the Posted Sales Shipment Page where required.