The components action within Clever MES is available from the Navigation Pane. Once opened the Components screen will look as below, with a list of every component that makes up the finished item.

On the odd occasion an operator may need to exit their current production order for reasons other than the machine being stopped. For example, if a production order was to come to the Production Floor that had a much sooner shipping date than the order they are currently working on they may need to focus their attention on this. MES Exit Codes are optional and do not need to be entered if not necessary.

During your production process there may be times when you need to identify why a machine is not running and whether this is a planned stop or unplanned. To do this you create Stop Codes.

When activated Allow Device Switching allows you to change the Machine Center that the Output Screen looks at. This can be particularly helpful if the devices loaded on MES are not going to be in one location and are needed for multiple machines.

On the Device you may need to see certain instructions to action the production line for example a spec on how to build the item. To see these instructions, they must be applied to the routing lines.

Adding Notes within Clever MES can be helpful. If something has happened during the Production Process the operator can use the Notes action on the device to attach their notes against the operation they are working on.

The other side to creating notes is being able to view notes which have been attached specifically to an operation. Notes can also be added in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central to show within your Clever MES device screen.