There are 3 certificates that can be generated within the Clever Quality app.

1) Quality Order report: A printout of the information needed for the User performing the Quality Check to record the results on paper if required.

2) Quality Certificate: A certificate which can be pulled from the Posted Quality Order to show proof that a check was performed. This could be provided to a Customer/Vendor as evidence if required. 

3) Posted Quality Order report: A report to confirm the posted results of the Posted Quality Order. 

Quality Order Report

As described above, the Quality Order report is generated directly from the open "Quality Order" by selecting Print in the ribbon.

This will provide a printout for the User performing the quality check, detailing any Items or Lot Numbers related to the check, how many results are required, in what Unit of Measure, from the specified Location and providing an area for them to write down the results. This could be helpful for users or departments that are responsible to perform the checks but do not have access/have limited access to Business Central. 

If this is being used, the populated Quality order report could then be imported into the "Quality Order" using Document Links within the Factbox of the "Quality Order" to retain it as evidence that the check was done.

Quality Certificate

The Quality Certificate is generated from the "Posted Quality Order" by opening the "Posted Quality Order" card and clicking on Print Certificate

This acts as a document that can be sent to Customers or Vendors (or even auditors if required) to show evidence that the Quality Check was performed alongside the result that was entered. Additionally, this could be printed and shipped out with goods if required. As with the "Posted Quality Order" report, this shows the Item/Lot Number related to the check, Qty Tested, Unit of Measure and Test Results. 

Posted Quality Order

Available from the "Posted Quality Order" by clicking the dropdown arrow for Print Certificate and selecting Print, a report similar to the Quality Order report will open, this time, displaying the results that were posted for the order. 

This includes information about the Item/Lot Number, Location, how many qty were tested, as well as the Test Results both in terms of what was entered as well as the Fail/Pass result.