A Put-away/Pick Route defines the order in which bins should be visited during warehouse operations. They are optional and used to sort warehouse documents such as picks, put-aways and movements. Using Put-away/Pick Routes allows the warehouse employees to move around the warehouse in the most efficient way, for example, suggesting bins so that the can move in one direction on one aisle but in the opposite direction on the next aisle.

The option to sort by Put-Away-Pick route is added to the Sorting Method of Warehouse Documents. A Put-away/Pick Route will be respected by Clever WMS Devices.

A Put-away/Pick Route is specific to a location, however it is possible to define multiple routes for each location and select the most appropriate route for each warehouse document. 

Put-away/Pick Routes can be found by using the search to find the page or exploring the warehouse role centre to get to the page:


When creating or amending a Put-away/Pick Route the following card view will be displayed:

The header of the Put/Away/Pick Route has the following fields:

Location Code

The location that the Put-away/Pick Route applies to. Mandatory.


The code for the Put-away/Pick Route. Mandatory


An optional description for the Put-away/Pick Route.


One the header has been completed it is necessary to add the bins that will form the route. There are two ribbon actions to achieve this:

The first, Add Bins allows the user to add bins that exist in the location to the route. 

This function displays a list of the bins in the location. The selected bins will be added to the end of the Put-away/Pick Route.



The second, Add Bins by Rack allows the user to add all the bins contained with a rack (if defined):

This function displays a dialog allowing the user to select a rack. Bins can be added in either Level than section or Section then Level order and it is possible to reverse both/either the Level Order and Section Order. These options make it possible to incrementally go up the first rack and then decrementally go down the second rack for an optimum route.

Once the bins have been added the can be re-ordered to using the Move Up and Move Down actions under the Sequence menu of the ribbon or by using the equivalent option on the context menu of the line: 

It is optionally possible to define a default Put-Away/Pick Route on the Location Card by changing the Default Sorting Method to Put-Away/Pick Route and specifying a Default Put-Away/Pick Route.

A route can be cleared by using the Clear Route action: