On the Device App, if you select Settings > Credentials, you will see a button labelled Renew the Settings.

This button can be used when the Azure Client Secrets used for the Device App are about to expire.  To ensure uninterrupted access to Azure resources, we have implemented a two-pronged approach for secret renewal: 

1)Manual Renewal: A "Renew Secrets" button has been prominently displayed in the settings screen of our application. This option allows you to manually initiate the renewal process at your convenience. 

2)Automatic Renewal: As an additional safety net, we have also implemented an automated background renewal process for the client secrets. This process triggers automatically as the expiration date approaches and retries every 24 hours in case of any initial failure.

You may also see a message appear on the Device similar to the below.  If you click on the Settings button, then you can through the above.