If you would like to use any of the additional services that DHL Express offer, then the below instructions will assist with the setup required.


Neutral Delivery Service (NDS):


Paperless Trade (PLT):

  • Applies to international shipments only
  • Ensure ET Document Type field is set to ‘ETD Only’ for the countries that require it
  • The restrictions with this are:
    • Not all countries permit paperless trade
    • PLT can only be used with certain products
    • PLT is only available for shipments up to a specific threshold declared value
    • Please contact DHL Express if further guidance regarding these restrictions is required

  • Only certain combinations of Agent Service Code and Agent Special Service Code will be valid
    • g., for export using ‘Economy Select’ from the UK>>EU and Agent Service Code H and Agent Special Service Code I
    • Export using ‘Economy Select’ from EU>>GB and Agent Service Code H and Agent Special Service Code H

  • Other required items in the Export node:
    • IsDutiable must be set to ‘Y’
    • Currency, Value and TermsOfTrade must all be present