Once Clever WMS Plus has been installed it can be used immediately and many functions can be utilised without any additional setup. To make the best use of the Clever WMS App the following additional areas of setup  should be completed for each location in the order specified.

Setup Area Required Scenarios For more information see...
Create a Bin Format Code that matches existing bin code formats This is required if you wish to use Bin Rules or use the batch processes to create Rack Bins, Floor Bins and Racks. Bin Code Formats
Create Bin Areas This is required if you wish to classify bins for special storage types (such as chilled goods, security cages, etc. but don't want to use Warehouse Class Codes. If using Bin Areas in a Directed Put-away and Pick location it is recommended that you add an additional rule to the Put-away Templates. Bin Areas
Modify Put-away Templates  Existing Put-away templates will be automatically converted and will work in the same way as standard Business Central functionality. If using Bin Areas in a Directed Put-away and Pick location it is recommended that you add an additional rule to the put-away template to support this. Put-away Templates
Create and Assign Pick Templates If you wish to use more sophisticated approach to selecting the bins to pick from than the Bin Ranking then one of mor Pick Template should be created. The default Pick Template should be assigned on the Location Card. If using different Pick Templates for different types of items  then these can be assigned on the Stockkeeping Unit or Item Cards. Pick Templates
Create Racks and Assign existing Bins If you use Racking within your warehouse then Bins can be logically grouped into Racks. This step is required if you wish to utilise Bin Rules or the Visual Enquiry. Racks
Create Put-away/Pick Route If your rack/bins and not is the most logical numerical order, then create one of more Put-away/Pick routes. The default Put-away/Pick route should be assigned to the Location Card. This is strongly recommended if using Clever WMS Plus in conjunction with Clever WMS Devices.  Put-away/Pick Routes
Set Bin Replenishment Policy If you wish to continue to use the Movement Worksheet to replenish your bins then this step can be ignored, however, to automate Bin Replenishment then the Bin Replenishment Policy should be set on the Location Card. Automated Bin Replenishment
Create Pick Worksheet Templates If you regularly use the Pick Worksheet function or wish to create batches of picks that meet certain order characteristics then consider creating Pick Worksheet Templates. Pick Worksheet Templates
Set up Location Floorplan If you would like to use the Visual Enquiry, create a floor plan for your warehouse. Racks should be created (if applicable) before creating the floor plan Visual Enquiry Setup