The advantage of using the Clever Payment Gateway functionality is that payments are taken through Payment Providers and no card details are stored within Business Central. Only token details are stored relating to the cards.

Payments taken through Clever Payment Gateway can then be automatically matched and applied in Business Central against the Posted Invoice(s) that were generated from the Sales Order.

The process used when using the Clever Payment Gateway App is described below:

  1. Request starts in Business Central, usually on a Sales Order but can be a Sales Invoice.
  2. Details of who we want to take a payment from (name/address/email address) in the required currency and the sales amount are then formed into a request page and sent to the Clever Payment Gateway (our Cloud Service)
  3. The Request is then forwarded to the Payment Provider
  4. OPayo (for example) receive those details, create a transaction on their site and then give a URL back to the Payment Gateway to be sent back to Business Central.
  5. That opens in separate browser window, for the user to enter the credit/debit card details (these are not handled/stored in Business Central or the Payment Gateway cloud service, only by the Payment Provider i.e. OPayo).
  6. OPayo then sends a reply giving the result of the transaction (success; or failure with reason, such as invalid card details, operation timed out or window closed).
  7. The Reply is then received by Clever Payment Gateway and passed back to BC re payment status and stored in a log entry in Business Central
  8. If Confirm Payment on Sales Release is ticked on the Payment Gateway Settings Page, Business Central shows a confirmation dialog which the user needs to OK if collected payment is less than the Sales Total. If Enforce Payment on Sales Release is enabled, then the user cannot proceed when an outstanding payment amount exists.  At this point, BC is aware of a payment having been made against a specific document.
  9. At a pre-determined point, end of day or end of week, depending on businesses requirements and volume of orders, then a batch then can be run to match up payments received and apply them to specific posted invoices.