From the "Quality Setup" ribbon, you can check the associated Report Selections. 

Here, the page will display a Usage dropdown field, which, when clicked and a different Report chosen, will change the information in the lines. 

The Quality Reports available within this field are: 'Quality Order', 'Posted Quality Order', 'Quality Certificate', 'Vendor Compliance Certificate', 'Non-Conformance' and 'Resolved Non-Conformance'. These reports are covered in more detail in the Reporting article but in brief, they are:

  • Quality Order - A printable report from the "Quality Order" itself, which will display the checks that are needed to be performed, along with Instructions where stated. Report ID '70084421'.
  • Posted Quality Order - A report from the "Posted Quality Order" displaying what checks have been performed as well as the test results entered and whether these were a 'Pass' or a 'Fail'. Report ID '70084423'.
  • Quality Certificate - a Certificate which can be printed from the "Posted Quality Order" and provided to external parties, confirming the results of the Items and whether these were a 'Pass' or a 'Fail'. Report ID '70084422'.
  • Vendor Compliance Certificate - A certificate which details all of the Vendor Compliance Document entries along with Certificate Expiry dates. Report ID '70084424'. 
  • Non-Conformance - A report generated from the Non-Conformance card detailing all the information from the Card such as Category, Sub-Category and resolutions. Report ID '70084427'.
  • Resolved Non-Conformance - A report similar to the above but created from the Resolved Non-Conformance card. Report ID '70084428'. 

The Report ID's on the "Report Selection - Quality" page are already defaulted to use the correct report templates, but in case these need to be checked, they are mentioned in the information above.