Standard put-away templates have been enhanced to make them more flexible and to allow them to be easy extended. To enable this a new concept of a ‘rule’ has been created that defines a specific criteria for selecting or rejecting a bin as a suitable to place the item.

To create a new put template rule the following steps are required.

  1. Extend the "PutAway Template Rule WHPTMN" Enum with an entry for the new rule.
  2. Subscribe to the event OnIsValidPutAwayBin of codeunit "Put-Away Mgt. WHPTMN". This event is called when evaluating each custom rule against a put-away template line

This event has the following parameters:

  • PostedWhseReceiptLine: Record "Posted Whse. Receipt Line"

The source receipt line.

  • LocationCode: Code[10]

The Warehouse Location Code.

  • BinCode: Code[20];

The bin code to be evaluated

  • PutAwayTemplateRule: Enum "PutAway Template Rule WHPTMN"

The custom rule created in step 1.

  • var IsValidBin: Boolean

A Boolean that states if the bin is suitable based on the new rule.