Clever WMS Plus

Does your warehouse need something extra? Need additional rules and logic to really make your warehousing smarter? Then Clever WMS Plus is for you!

Clever WMS Plus is packed full of intelligence to reduce picking errors and re-prioritise your warehouse operations. By implementing pick rules, you can now concentrate on specific pick criteria such as the most time-sensitive orders and pick those first. Does courier A collect orders before courier B? Clever WMS Plus applies logic to instruct your warehouse staff on what to pick next for improved productivity. But the important intelligence doesn’t end there…

There’s nothing worse than pick errors, they make your business look incompetent and cause headaches when the order is eventually returned. It's easily done though, especially when there are multiple variations of a product, for example, sizes and colours. Clever WMS Plus also reduces your pick errors and ups your accuracy by applying bin rules to your warehouse floor. Create separate bins for each variation meaning that you will never have to sort through a bin to find the right product again. Bin rules are also helpful when storing chemicals, foods, allergens or any other products at risk of cross-contamination. Simply set a minimum distance requirement between each product that is at risk - that way you can always ensure that your stock is in perfect condition.

Products such as food and those at risk of contamination, often have a best before date or limited shelf life. Complete visibility of what is on your shelves is vitally important to your warehouse processes, if you have poor insights when will you know what needs to be sent out first, when to rotate your stock etc.? Clever WMS Plus improves the visibility of stock about to expire and allows you to locate where it is in the warehouse. All this information can be seen in a few different views; by item, location, and item variant, allowing you to easily keep track of stock quantities in real-time and stop the daily stock conundrum! When it comes to replenishing your shelves, this clever app makes sure that your items are always available to pick by automating the process of pick bin replenishment. It also ensures bulk orders are fulfilled from bulk stock locations to avoid depleting the pick face stock you have available – no more empty shelves.

It's not just stock that you can keep an eye on, you can also see summaries of employee output. With informative warehousing insights, you can effortlessly identify where problems are within your warehouse by seeing output by individuals or for example if your bins are too far apart. Similarly, you can also identify which bins are popular within your warehouse and arrange to move them to a more convenient position to increase your output – great news for you, the distributor and your customers!

With Clever WMS Plus your warehouse floor's efficiency is taken to the next level by providing you with pinpoint accuracy. Use the advanced mapping capabilities to really take advantage of the logic and rules that will organise your warehousing space and therefore help to increase capacity. Quicken picks by knowing the exact locations of stock and lot numbers and get more orders out of the door and more profit in your bank account.

Are your employees struggling to fulfil orders? Are all your popular stock items on the highest shelf or languishing at the back of your warehouse? You can now heatmap your warehouse, identify your most popular bin locations and move them to a more desirable area. With complete visibility of your warehouse, you can equip your employees with all the tools they need to be at their most productive.