During your production process there may be times when you need to identify why a machine is not running and whether this is a planned or unplanned stop. To do this you create Stop Codes.

Use the search on your Role Centre to navigate to the Stop Codes page.

On the page there will be several Stop Codes already created as part of applying the Default Configuration.

NB: If you use have existing stop codes at the point of applying the default configuration, the system will simply add to your list of stop codes.

When creating new stop codes each must have a Code which is displayed on the Output screen, a description for the Stop Code and the Planned Stop should be set accordingly. A planned stop can be for example a lunch break or the end of an operator’s shift, where as an unplanned stop could be due to an operator error or a power cut.

Stop Codes in Action

Whilst on your device the Stop action is available from the Navigation Pane.

NB: This button is only visible once the actual production line has been started.

Once selected the Operator will be guided to select a Stop Reason Code, highlight the relevant Reason and Select OK. As you can see within this screen it is not possible to view which are planned or unplanned breaks so as not to alter the operator’s choice.

Once stopped, if the Device Colour FastTab has been filled in within the MES Setup, the Output screen will change colour. The Machine Center information along the top of the Output screen will also change. This will make it clear to anyone on the shop floor that this machine is not in action.

The device can be restarted from the Output screen once the issue has been resolved.

The Device Stopping will create an entry within the MES Device Log. This will include the Production Order No. that the device was stopped on, the Operator No., Entry Type, Stop Status and Reason Code.