Version 1.0.2 – Release Date 28/07/23

Change Type Description

Comments added to additional system entities: 

  • Ship-To Address
  • Order Address
  • Remittance Address
Enhancement The comments types inheritance rules are now correctly translated into the client language.
Enhancement The resource exposure policy has been amended to make it easier for partners to support and extend Clever Comments.
Enhancement Changes have been made to support transactional integrity when using APIs with Clever Comments.
Bug Fix Comments from a Sales Order were not inherited onto a Project type production Order even if this option was enabled in the inheritance rules.
Bug Fix It was not possible to select a Comment Type if entering comments directly onto a Warehouse Shipment or Warehouse Receipt document.
Bug Fix Item comments were not inherited onto a Service Quotes or Service Orders even if this option was enabled in the inheritance rules.
Bug Fix The comments factbox on a Sales document would not always show the correct number of comments.
Bug Fix In some cases existing multi-line comments were not correctly upgraded when installing Clever Comments for the first time.

Version 1.0.1 – Release Date 14/02/23

Change Type Description
Enhancement Posted Documents added to list of comment source documents. This means that a Comment Type can be assigned to a comment that is entered directly against a posted document.
Bug Fix Issue with applying a comment type against Inventory Shipments and Inventory Receipts comments resolved.


Version 1.0.0 – Release Date 15/12/22

Change Type Description
Enhancement Initial Product Release


Known Issues:

  • When upgrading existing comments the creation date of the existing comment is not retained. The comment will show with a date/time of the upgrade process and the author as the user running the upgrade process.
  • Comments against the lines of Warehouse Documents are not currently displayed in Clever WMS Devices. This will be resolved in a future version of Clever WMS Devices.