Mandatory Information

Shipping agents will not accept a consignment without a valid

  • Address

  • Phone Number

  • External Document No.

We strongly suggest you consider using a postcode/zip code lookup service to ensure that the address for the ship-to is valid. This is not part of Clever Shipping Agent Integration as the requirements differ around the world. e.g. for the UK, Microsoft provide an extension for linking to UK postcodes.

The phone number needs to be at least 10 numeric digits with no letters or other characters. The integration looks for the first valid phone number it can find in the following list

  • Ship-to Address (then Shipment Header, Sell-to Customer No, Ship-to Code), Phone No.

  • Sales Shipment Header, Sell-to Phone No.

  • Customer (via Sales Shipment Header, Sell-to Customer No.), Phone No.

  • Contact (via Sales Shipment Header, Sell-to Contact No.), Mobile Phone No.

  • Company Information, Phone No.

The External Document Reference is usually printed onto the shipping label allowing easy booking in at your customer. If you don’t enter one Clever Shipping Agent Integration uses the sales order document number.

Specifying the Shipping Agent & Service

Clever Shipping Agent Integration lets you specify the Shipping Agent and Shipping Agent Service on the sales order, or you can leave it blank for the logistics to decide later or to just use the default Shipping Agent and Service values.   Typically, it will only be completed if the service requires something non-standard such as a before 10am or Saturday delivery.

This is done by setting the Agent and Agent Service fields on the Shipping & Billing section of the sales header. Note you have to select the ‘Show More’ option on the section header to see these fields by default.

Export Reason Code

You may also want to consider populating the Export Reason Code Field for a Sales Order if it is an International Shipment.  This Field is located on the Foreign Trade FastTab.  Please refer to this section for more information Clever Shipping Agent Integration - Export Reason Codes