Pick Templates have been added to control the bin that items are picked from to provide more options for choosing the bin than the standard Bin Ranking. The work in a similar fashion to Put-away templates however are optional for both basic warehousing and directed put-away and pick locations.

Like Put-Away Templates they can be specified on the Stockkeeping Unit card, Item Card and Location Card with the template chosen based first on the stockkeeping unit, then the item and then finally the location.

If no Pick Template is selected then the system will continue to prioritise on Bin Ranking as standard. The system will also revert to Bin Ranking if the rule results in more than one bin being equivalent.

Note: As per Put-away templates, pick templates are designed to be extensible.


The following rules are available:

Exact Qty. The template will look for a bin holding the same quantity as the requirement.
Sufficient Qty. The template will look for a bin that has sufficient quantity to meet the requirement.
Highest Available Qty. The template will look for a bin that has the highest available quantity of the item.
Lowest Available Qty. The template will look for a bin that has the lowest available quantity of the item. This would typically be used in conjunction with the Sufficient Qty to look for a bin that lowest quantity above that needed to meet the requirement.
Largest Unit of Measure The template will ignore the unit of measure and fulfil as much of the requirement as possible using the largest unit of measure. This means some of the requirement will potentially be taken from a bulk location and the balance from a pick bin. This option is useful to prevent large orders depleting pick face bins.
Earliest Expiration Date The template will pick the earliest expiration date for the item even if Pick according to FEFO is not checked on the Location Card. This option is useful if you only want to pick according to first expired, first out for certain items.
Minimise Lot Numbers The template will pick from bins that hold sufficient stock of a lot number, where possible This rule will typically be used when there is the requirement to pick from a single Lot Number. Using this rule may still result in the item being pick from multiple Lot numbers if there is not sufficient stock of a single Lot Number to meet requirements.

    Note: If Pick according to FEFO is checked on the Location Card then than will take priority over the rules set in the template.

    A rule set (line) can be created by selecting the New Rule Set… action from the ribbon. .:

    An existing rule set can be amended by selecting the line. Rulesets can be re-ordered by selecting Increase Priority or Decrease Priority from either the ribbon or the context menu of the selected rule set.


    A rule set can be removed by selecting Remove Rule Set from the ribbon.

    When creating or amending a rule set the following dialog will be displayed:

    This shows a list of the available rules. Rules can be included/removed from the rule set by checking the option next to the rule. 

    The following video shows how Put-Away/Pick Templates can be used: