Opening the "Quality Order" card and scrolling down to the Lines FastTab will enable the User to populate and record Test results against the associated "Quality Checks". Simply clicking onto the line shown below in the image will open up the "Quality Result Entry" page. 

On this page is an overview of what is to be tested against the highlighted Check. In the example below you can see this "Quality Order" is against a Lot No which is specified. If a Serial No was used, than this would show also. Should the User include an Expiration Date in the "Item Tracking Lines" from the Source Document then this will also be displayed. This page also confirms the Quality Check Code being tested against as well as its description. This gives the User more precise information about what Check is about to be tested against. Finally, the Unit of Measure Code and Result calculation is shown. 

In the example above, the User is instructed to Test '2' however you can see in my lines, there is only room for 1 result. This is due to the setup specified on the "Quality Test", where in this example, I have 'Single Result' as my Test Iteration. Should I have specified 'Sample Size' on the "Quality Test, I would then have 2 lines to enter results, because my Sample Qty is also '2'. Alternatively if you choose 'Fixed No of Results', you can be more specific about how many results you wish to enter when this Check Code and this Test is used on a "Quality Order". 

In the Result field, enter the result you wish to stamp against the check. If you have 'Lookup' values than the User can select from pre-defined options. Alternatively, the result can simply be typed in.

This will automatically populate the Result Recorded By and Result Recorded At fields with the User name and Date/time the result was entered. This process then just needs to be done for all the lines within this "Quality Result Entry" page. 

In the ribbon, you also have the option to view the Comments against the Check or add/view any Links using Document Links. Should you wish to Upload any evidence of the check/item it relates to, you can select Upload to drag and drop an existing file to the result or alternatively, use the Take Picture button which will connect to the camera on the device being used to record the check and attach this to the "Quality Order" result. Taking a picture will give you the option to Use the picture, Retake to take another image or Cancel to stop using the Take Picture feature. Using this feature requires some setup within Document Links which can be found here

Closing the "Quality Result Entry" screen will then take you back to the "Quality Order" where you will now see the stored results against the Check. This process should be done per check (line on the "Quality Order") and once all lines have been done, the Overall Result will show how the "Quality Order" will post. 

The Test Quantities FastTab will now also update with Qty Passed, Qty Failed or Qty with Concessions depending on the Overall Result. 


If the test results you have entered have resulted in an Overall Result of 'Fail', you have the option to Post this as a Concession. A Concession is essentially an override, allowing you to Post the "Quality Order" as a 'Concession' even though the result entered did not meet the criteria. This is helpful for reporting on "Posted Quality Orders" to see what Items had Concession results posted against them which could assist the business in understanding which products were not being tested to your business standards.

To do this, click into the Result on the Overall Result Line where it says 'Fail'. This will open up a new screen with the current Test Result and Test Result Date. At the bottom of the page is a button called Set As Concession. Select this which will change the Test Result to 'Concession' and provide a dropdown field to confirm a Concession Reason Code. Select an option (or create a new one to use) and press OK

This now changes the Overall Result to 'Concession' and will populate the Qty with Concessions field with the relevant qty.