• How do I password protect only some of the documents I send to my Customer or Vendor?

Passwords are set either against the Customer or Vendor cards. Once set all documents sent to that Customer/Vendor will require the user at the other end to know the password before opening it.

Documents such as invoices and statements are documents you may want to password protect however a Delivery note is not something you need to. To stop users from having to input a password on certain documents simply go to the Document Type, and on the Fields FastTab, simply delete the field Password.

  • Do my documents automatically send once all the setup has been done?

No, there is still a requirement for users to click a button, depending on which of the options are selected will depend on when the document is sent (based also on your setup).

  • Even though I have changed some of the lines on the order the customer is still receiving an old copy of the order confirmation?

This is because you on the document type the flag to Store Documents has been selected. You should not have this setup for the likes of documents which are constantly changing this should only be flagged if the document type is for a posted document, as these documents will never change.

  • I’m only seeing a limited amount of records on certain pages.

On the setup page there is a field called Pstd.Doc. Posting Date Filter, by default this is set to 3M (3 Months). This is to stop the DD Record Selection page taking a long time to bring up all the records for you to select.

  • I have some customers that need a GB Statement and others that need a EUR Statement can this be done?

You can create as many document types against the same primary table as you like. The difference between having one document type and multiple ones is that once you have selected your records that you want to send the document out to, you must also choose the document types you want sending out.

NB: when creating copies of the original document types make sure you give them meaningful code names, so you can identify which document types you are sending out.

  • Can I set it up to send documents out as a batch in the evening rather than during working hours?

When you choose to send a document, you can highlight a batch of them instead and click Queue Email. This option puts records into the Doc. Delivery Document Log as not processed. Your Job Queue Entry (DD specific one) will look at that document log and process at a given time any documents in the queue that have not been flagged as processed.

  • Can I sign emails with the name of the user that submitted the email rather than the company name?

Yes, see Including User Names in Email Bodies