In BC, search for Cash Receipt Journal and select the cash receipts journal that is required.

Select the Actions/Functions/Suggest Pmt. Gateway Payment action. This allows filtering to be the entries for what day/week or a customer order.


This is now applied to the Posted Sales Invoice in BC. The tick in Applied Yes/No means the payment successfully matched to one or more invoices. To see what has been applied against, go to the Actions/Functions/Apply Entries action.


When the system inserts the Journal line it will attempt to find one or more invoices that have been posted from the Order against which the payment was originally taken. This could be multiple invoices. It will match them up and set the Applies to ID for them, ready for posting.

If the system does not find invoices to match against, these can be set manually using the Set Applies to ID action, on the Apply Customer Entries page. This action can be found under the Process action.


Once the journal is posted, a success message will appear.