In order to use Microsoft SharePoint as the file repository for Clever Document Links, some information about your SharePoint environment needs to be collected. The SharePoint Setup wizard makes it simple to set-up Microsoft SharePoint to work in association with Clever Document Links.

The wizard can be activated by either changing the File Storage field or selecting the SharePoint Setup action on the Document Links Setup.

Select Next to start the SharePoint setup.

Enter the URL and Library Name for your SharePoint environment they select Next to continue. For more information see SharePoint Site and Library.

If you wish to create a top-level folder within your SharePoint environment the enter this in the Folder Name field. This is optional and can be left blank. 

Note: If the folder does not currently exist in your SharePoint environment it will be automatically created.

Chose the structure of the folders your wish to use in SharePoint using the Folder Structure selection. the following options are available:

  • Single Folder (Flat structure)
  • Type/No. (Files stored in a logic structure
    • (For example Customer\<Customer No.>\<FileName>)
  • Company Name/Type/No. (Files stored in a logic structure for multiple companies
    • (For example <Company Name>\Customer\<Customer No.>\<FileName>)

Select Next to continue.

Select the Authentication Type you wish to use to access your SharePoint environment. See SharePoint Authentication for more information.

Select Next to continue. If you selected 'Client Credential' you wish be shown the next screen:

Enter the Tenant ID, Client ID and Client Secret. See Client Credentials Authentication for more information. Select Next to continue.

If you selected Basic as the authentication type you will instead be shown the following screen: 

Enter the Username and Password for your SharePoint Site. See Basic Authentication for more information. Select Next to continue.

Finally select the Test Connection button to confirm your settings are correct. If you receive an error you may use the Back button to amend the entered settings. If the test was successful select the Finish button to complete the SharePoint setup.