With standard Business Central it is impossible to amend or correct a warehouse pick once it has been registered. This may be required if picks are processed in error or if a customer alters the order once picking has commenced. Two new functions have been added to aid this process, Undo Pick and Reverse Pick, both available from the ribbon of the Registered Warehouse Pick subpage

Undo Pick reverses the pick to return the goods to the bin from which they were originally taken.

Note: It may not be possible to reverse the pick as the bin may have been used in the meantime, in which case an error will be displayed. A pick can’t be undone once it has been further processed (i.e. shipped).

Reverse Pick creates a warehouse movement to move the goods from the shipment bin back to a pick bin and reverses the pick on completion of this document.

Note: A pick can’t be reversed once it has been further processed (i.e. shipped).