It is possible to attach Instructions to Routings, these can be in various formats (such as Word and PDF) and the instructions are then easily accessible from the Output screen for Operators.

Attaching Instructions

To attach instructions to the routing lines, you need to navigate to the Routings screen. There are 2 ways to get to this screen. The first way is to navigate directly to the page using the Search function from your Role Centre.

The second way is to navigate through the Item Card. On the Item Card there is a field called Routing No. from here you can drill down on the field and navigate to the Routings page.

Either option you will get to the same screen, showing the Routings. From here choose which routing you would like to add your instructions to, by highlighting the record and clicking on the Edit button.

Ensure that the Routing has a Status of Under Development which will allow amendments such as the upload of instructions to be made.

Once the Status has been changed, highlight the Routing Line which the instruction should be attached to. Click on the Operations option and then click on Upload Instruction

From here, select which document to attach to the Routing Line.

NB: Only one document can be attached per Routing Line. If you wish to add an additional document to the routing line a prompt will appear asking if you wish to replace the existing file, as it is not possible to have both.

To view the instruction that has been added to the Routing Line, highlight the Routing Line, select the Operation drop down and then Open Instruction. From here a prompt will appear to either open or save the file.

Deleting Instructions

If an Instruction has been added to a Routing in Error or if it is no longer relevant it is possible to delete them. This can be done again from the Routing Screen within the Operation Menu.

Once Delete Instruction is selected, a prompt will appear to ensure that this is the file that needs to be deleted.

Select Yes at this stage to continue with the deletion, now if you try to access the Instruction from either the Routing screen or the Output screen on the device it will not be accessible.

Accessing Instructions from the Output Screen

Operators using the Device Output Screen will be able to easily identify if there are Instructions for this Routing. If instructions have been attached a button will be created on the Navigation Pane to access these. Unlike other buttons available within the Navigation Pane there is no setup required with the Setup screen, the access is automatically created once Instructions have been attached to the routing.

Selecting the Instruction button will automatically open the attached instruction, if there are several pages within the attached document Next and Previous buttons will appear on the Navigation Pane. In this instance our instruction consists of one screen and as such the Next and Previous buttons are not available.

Selecting Close from the Instructions screen will guide the Operator back to the Output screen, whilst selecting the Open Document button will open the document into its preferred format, depending upon which programs are installed on the device.