Clicking into the Setup option within the "Quality Setup" page will display a list of applicable pages that require setup in order to use Clever Quality. 

These can also be accessed from the Role Center when using the Quality RC CQMTMN Profile. For more information on using the Role Center, please read here

Continue through the following Quality Setup Ribbon articles for more information on how to use these. 

Default Configuration

Within the ribbon, there is also a Default Configuration option. This is a means of applying some basic data to the "Quality Setup" app which can be edited at a later date. When clicking the Default Configuration option, this will import a "Configuration Package" within BC for Code 'CQM'. When the Config package is installed, it also needs to be applied. You can either do this from the notification that appears within the "Quality Setup page after the Default Configuration has been installed, or directly within the "Config. Package Card". 

The default information that has now been added into Business Central is:

  • The creation of 3 new "No Series" codes, 'Q-Test' for Quality Tests, 'Q-Ord' for Quality Orders and 'Rework' for the Rework no series. These are also added automatically into the Numbering FastTab within the "Quality Setup" page. All 3 are created as Default No's within the "No Series" page. 
  • The "Quality Reason Code" 'Borderline' has been created within the Clever Quality app and ticked to use for Concessions
  • 4 "Quality Tracking Code Statuses" have been imported; 'Concession, 'Failed; 'In Process' and 'Passed'. 'Failed' is marked as 'True' for Block Lot No, Block Serial No and Allow Reclassifications. All of these can be changed if necessary.
  • The above "Quality Tracking Code Statuses" have been automatically assigned to the Lot Tracking and Serial Tracking fields within "Quality Setup". 
  • Compliance Validator field in "Quality Setup" set to 'True'. This will switch on the Vendor compliance functionality, checking all Purchase Orders on 'Release' to see if "Vendor Compliance Documents" exist. 
  • Set the 2 Document Links fields within "Quality Setup", Copy from Check to Test and Copy from Test to Order both to 'True'. Using these now transfers any Document links from the "Quality Checks" to the "Quality Tests" and "Quality Tests" directly to the "Quality Orders".