There are some Fields available on the Customer Card which should be considered as part of the setup for Clever Shipment Management.

Delivery Area Code

As a general rule, you would not need to populate this Field as the Delivery Area assigned to a Source Document would normally be calculated from the Post Code used for the delivery/collection address, but if you would like to always use a specific Delivery Area for a Customer, then this Field can be used.

 Time Slot Required

If a customer requires a pre-booked time slot for their deliveries/collections, then you can Enable this Field.  Please refer to the Drop Time Slots Page for more information.

Exclude from Call List

If you are using the Call Lists Functionality, then this Field can be used to exclude the Customer where required.

No of Outstanding Calls

If you are using the Clever Dynamics - Using Call Lists functionality, then this Field will display the number of outstanding calls for that Customer.  You can drilldown on this Field to view the Call details if required.