The next FastTab down is the Movement FastTab. These fields relate to doing a movement using your mobile device. This can be either an ad hoc movement which in Business Central is known as an Item reclass journal, or a directed movement which is an activity created in Business Central and then processed through the device.

When a movement is done on the device the entries are posted against a Journal Template and the Batch Name within that template.

The default configuration will populate these fields, however like most default setup it can be changed based on your business setup.

When you run a Directed Movement on the device the line will post through the journal template, and journal batch name that have been populated in the fields Movement Whse. Template and Movement Whse. Batch. These values will also be visible against the Warehouse Entries alongside the other details of the movement you have just posted.

If you are planning on doing ad hoc movements through the device, you will use the function Movements. Like directed movements the posting will go through a journal template and journal batch name within that template. The fields Movement Item Template and Movement Item Batch will need to be populated. These fields will be visible on the posted warehouse entry created from doing the movement on the device.

There are two Fields available on this FastTab relating to Containers.  For more information on these fields, please click on this link Containers - Handheld Warehouse Setup