Enabling the Bing Maps Integration allows for an enhanced version of the route map to be displayed. This is integrated with Microsoft Business Central and has more functionality for controlling the view of the map. The Route Map can be viewed from the Route List and Card and also the Factbox on the Sales Order, Sales Return Order, Service Order and Transfer Order pages.

The Map shows the route with all drops and an itinerary on the left-hand side. You can choose to hide or show the itinerary use the Hide Itinerary and Show Itinerary options on the ribbon.

The drops will be displayed in the drop order shown on the drops list of the route. If the drops do not look like they are in the best order for routing purposes you may manually re-sequence the drops on the Route Card or use the functions to optimise the route.

Note: The address of the warehouse location will be used as the start and end of the route, therefore please ensure that the address details are correctly completed on the Location Card.

Finally you may select the style of map.

Note: Street Side is only available in some countries and Ordnance Survey is only available in the United Kingdom.