Shipment Management has its own means of printing documentation relating to the drop off and collection of goods, for example, a shipping manifest document. 

To set-up report selections select Report Selections from the ribbon of the Shipment Management Setup page.

This will open a new page:

Within the Shipment Management Report Selections, you can setup various report IDs that are either to be printed when a specific Status Code is processed on the Shipment Management route or if a particular stage is not specified with the Print Documents status is processed.

For each report/document to be printed specify the Report ID. There is a lookup related to this field that list all the reports available in the system. On selecting a report, the Report Name will automatically be populated with the name of the report. 

Note: When installing the application for the first time the system will automatically create a report selection for a Shipping Manifest. This can be removed if it is not required.

If a report is specific to a particular shipping agent, then the Shipping Agent Code can be specified. This option is useful if only certain shipping agents require a report/document or you need to use different formats of a document for different Shipping agents.

If you wish to trigger the printing of a report/document on the process of a particular status, then the relevant status code be selected in the Status Code field. If the Status Code field is left blank the document will be printed as part of the Print Documents status.

If adding a report/document then Shipment Management needs to know how to filter the report, so it only prints entries relevant to the route. To allow this the primary entity that the report is based on should be specified in the Filter Report By field. For example, if the report is showing sales shipments, select Sales Shipment Header.

By default, reports are printed without user intervention, however in some cases it may be desirable to select options on reports before printing. To show the reports option page before printing enable the Show Report Options field.