The automated bin replenishment function allows the process of internal bin replenishments to happen in the background without the need for the Movement Worksheet to be used to generate warehouse movements. The option is set on the Location Card using the Bin Replenishment Policy field and may be different per location.


There are three options:

  • Movement Worksheet

This option is the default and works as per standard Business Central, in that the Movement Worksheet is used to generate movements to replenishments.

  • Batch

A job queue process runs in the background on a schedule determined by the job queue and creates a warehouse movement for all replenishments required. This approach has the advantage of not creating large numbers of movements but the disadvantage that there may be a delay replenishing the based on the schedule until a batch job runs.

If this option is selected, then a wizard is automatically run to set up the job queue task. 

Note: The wizard will not run if a job queue task already exists.

  • Immediate

A background task creates a warehouse movement as soon as a replenishment is required. This means bins are rapidly replenishment but has the disadvantages that large numbers of movements may be generated. This is not an issue if you use Clever WMS Devices.