To enable the PODFather integration select Integrations \ PODFather \ Enable PODFather Integration from the Shipment Management Setup page:

Important: You must already have a PODFather account in order to complete the setup.

This will start a wizard that will guide you through setting up the integration. You will be shown a welcome page:

Select Next to continue to the data consent page:

The integration will share certain data from Business Central with PODFather. This information may be personably identifiable and subject to data protection regulations. Read the declaration and give consent for data to be shared. Select Next to continue. The next page will ask for the PODFather API key in order to connect the two systems:

Enter your PODFather API Key. This can be found under 'My Account' on PODFather. You can use Test Connection to confirm Microsoft Business Central can correctly communicate with you PODFather account. Select Next to continue. The next page will allow you to specify the PODFather Templates to use:

The templates will default. If you have custom templates set-up in PODFather you can amend these to select the templates to use for Shipment Management deliveries and collections. To choose a different template choose the assist edit next to either the Delivery Template or Collection Template and this will retrieve a list of available templates from PODFather:

Select Next to continue. The next page will allow you to specify the shipping agents you wish to enable the integration for:

In is possible that you have both third-party carriers and your own logistics. In this case you may not want to enable PODFather integration for all deliveries but only those being undertaken by your own logistics. Tick the checkbox for all Shipping Agents that you wish to enable the PODFather integration for.

Note: The shipping agents associated with PODFather can be amended later from the standard Shipping Agents page.

Select Next to continue. The next page will allow you to set-up a job queue to retrieve updates from PODFather:

Shipment Management can periodically communicate with PODFather in the background to retrieve updates about the status of routes, drops and to retrieve proof of deliveries. To enable this check Schedule Updates and enter a Job Frequency (in Minutes) of how often Shipment Management should retrieve updates. You can further specify a Starting Time and Ending Time so updates are only retrieved during working hours.

Important: It is strongly recommended that updates are scheduled so ensure Shipment Management shows the correct estimated time of arrival (ETA) and delivery status. You can opt to retrieve updates manually if this is not enabled. If you require more granular control of updates, the set-up of the job can be fine-tuned from Job Queue Entries once the wizard has been completed.

Select Next to continue. This will show the final confirmation page:

Select Finish to complete the wizard and enable the PODFather Integration.

You can later disable the PODFather integration by selecting Integrations \ PODFather \ Disable PODFather Integration from the Shipment Management Setup page: