Once setup, Clever Search can be run from several different pages within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central, it can be run through the Clever Global Search page or from the Items, Customers or Vendors List pages.

For extra efficiency and quick access to the Clever Global Search Page you can also use the keyboard shortcut Ctrl+Shift+F which will navigate you directly to the search page and reduce the amount of clicks or input that you would otherwise need to key in.

To run from the Clever Global Search page, simply navigate to the page.

Once on the page use the Search for field on the Input FastTab to type in your search requirements.

The result of that search will appear at the bottom of the page, within the Search Results tab.

The results are based on the setup that you have created previously. If the matching text field is a primary key field, then the flag on the line Primary Key field will be ticked.

Within the Hits column you will see a number. This number represents how many hits within the ‘search for’ string that Global Search has found and then gets populated based on this number.

For example, if you search Green Chair and the description of an item had both words Green and Chair in it, then the Hits field would be populated with 2 rather than 1.

If you are running it from one of the pages mentioned above (Items, Customer, Vendors).

Firstly, navigate to the page in which you want to run the search on. Click on the actions tab and then choose the Clever Global Search option.

The Clever Global Search Filter screen should then appear where you can then fill in your search terms. You are also able to choose the option to match all of the terms within your search criteria to give you better precision within your results or just some of the terms (disabling it) which will provide you with a wider range of results for the search criteria that you have input.

Once you have filled in everything that you need to, click the Close option on the screen, which will then filter your list based on your search terms.

Once your license ID has expired you will no longer be able to use any of the actions or functions that Clever Global Search previously allowed you to run.

Without a valid, up to date license ID you will still be able to open up the Global Search Page but you will no longer be able to physically search for anything (as shown below) and you are also unable to use the keyboard shortcut which provides you with quick access to the Global Search page.

To view details about your license, you can view these by navigating to Clever Dynamics License Registration. This page will show you your license ID, when your license was last refreshed and which clever dynamic apps you have a license for and when these licenses will expire. If a change or an update has been made to your license, then you will need to navigate to this page and click on Activate License to refresh the changes.