Once a Sales Order has been completed, before being released go to the Process / Payment Gateway.


A dialogue box triggered within BC to confirm the billing and delivery addresses, the currency used and the amounts before redirecting to the Payment Provider. Ensure that the Account Code is populated, if not, one needs to be selected now. If this is empty the Payment Gateway will prompt the user to enter one before continuing.

Select the New Card tick box and the Store Payment Method option if you want to store the card details for the next payment.  The Store Payment Method value will be populated from Payment Provider Account by default.

Note: This page is only triggered if Show Payment Page has been setup on the Payment Gateway Setting from Payment Method.


If the Show Amount Confirmation field was enabled on the Payment Method related Payment Gateway Setting Page, the following confirmation message will be displayed.


When you select YES, these details will be sent over to the Payment Provider, who sends back a pop-up Page in a new window to take the payment.


Enter the card number details and click the Pay button.


If successful, a message will be displayed showing that the payment has been taken successfully.


Back on the Sales Order, it will now display an amount in Payment Gateway Amount and the Sales Order can released and then posted.