Clever WMS Devices Framework allows the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central developer to realise a fully customisable handheld solution using a simple extensible framework utilising SOAP services, events and a general purpose on-device client. At the time of writing there is an Android client as well as a legacy Windows CE, Compact Framework based client.

Other extensions can be built on top of it– Clever WMS Devices being a prime example. Customisations can be built on top of the app well as Clever WMS Devices.

The app subscribes to various events in the framework in order to support functions for receipting, shipping, internal movements, activities etc.

Clever WMS Devices Framework Definition: Handles base communication and data gathering between the device and Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Clever WMS Devices Definition: Built on top of the Clever WMS Devices Framework, handles all warehousing specific functions, utilises the framework to communicate with the devices.

Extensions & Dependencies

The example above shows how Clever WMS Devices is built upon (And is dependent upon) the framework. It also shows two sets of customisations to Clever WMS Devices – subscribing directly to events in Clever WMS Devices. There is also a customisation to the Clever WMS Devices Framework itself.

Any customised extensions should include dependency entries in app.json for the Clever WMS Devices Framework as a bare minimum (Please see examples later in this document), if Warehousing is being customised then a dependency entry for Warehousing will also be required.