When I go onto the Shipment Management Route page the page is completely blank?

There may be a few reasons as to why you are not showing any routes. The first could be as part of setup you haven’t run the function Update Existing Documents, which will run through all open sales, purchase and transfer documents and assign them to routes based on the criteria you have setup.

It could also be that the location and date which have been set as filters have no associated data. If this is the case, you either need to change the filters on your page or change the location(s) that the user is responsible for in the Warehouse Employees page. The Shipment Management route page is filtered by default to show routes up to and including the current work date that have not yet been completed. If you also wish to see, by default,  future routes for forward planning, this can be enabled by using the Route Display Window field on the Shipment Management Setup page and setting a date formula for the forward period to view.

Note: For versions prior to V1.2 the default filters are the user's default warehouse location and the current work date.

No drops are showing on a shipment management route.

By default, drops are are displayed on the route once the source document has been released and is therefore ready to process. If you want to always see drops irrespective of the status of the source document this can be enabled by enabling the Show Open Orders on Ship. Mgt. field on the Shipment Management Setup page.

I get a warning on sales order that no delivery is scheduled for the order for specified delivery area, agent code and date.

Firstly, check the delivery schedule for this delivery area, ensure there is a valid combination setup for the Shipping Agent and Shipping Agent Service Code. Does the sales order Shipment Date fall on a day within the delivery schedule? Edit the Delivery Schedule page to see this information. Double check your sales order line has the correct Delivery Area, Shipping Agent and Shipping Agent Service Code (these values will be defaulted by the setup on the customer).

The Pick report hasn't printed in the correct order, Why?

You need to determine how you, or your users have created the picks. If from shipment management it will use the custom sorting order as specified on the shipment management setup. If the pick worksheet has been used, you will need to remember to pick the appropriate sorting method before creating the picks. 

Note: You can change the custom s​orting method on each pick to what's required for the customer and reprint. 

We don’t do collections for Purchase Orders, why are they showing on the Shipment Management Route page?

You need to check the Shipment Management Setup page, if you do not wish to use Shipment Management for ​purchase order collections ensure the Purchase Collections/Returns Shipping Agent and Shipping Agent Service Codes are blank. 

Can I organize a delivery area by entering just To and From Post Codes rather than specify specific customers/vendors/location codes?

This is possible within the app. Rather than specifying a Destination Type and Destination No. or Location code you can leave these fields blank and simply enter postcodes in the From Postcode and To Postcode Fields on the Delivery Area card.

Can I set up the same customer on multiple delivery routes?

By default the app doesn’t allow you to have the same customer setup on multiple routes. For scenarios where custom logic will determine the route to use this can be enabled via the Allow Destination in Multiple Delivery Areas field on the Shipment Management Setup page (V1.2 onwards only).