The most important setup step within Clever Shipment Management is the concept of defining which Status Types need to be used in order to process the Route.  Each Status Type should reflect the steps that the Route has to go through in order to be processed, starting from the point of a document is released to the Warehouse all the way through to the delivery/collection of the items.

Clever Shipment Management provides total flexibility when it comes to defining the required processing steps via the Route Status List Page by allowing you define different steps for different Locations, Shipping Agents and Shipping Agent Services.  This then means that Clever Shipment Management can be used to manage shipments being delivered using both your own logistics and third-party shipping agents. 

Select the Route Status List option from the Ribbon of the Shipment Management Setup Page:


This Page displays a list of all the different Route Status records you have created. 


If you click on a record, it will open up the Route Status List Card.  Each Status on the Status Lines Tab represents a step, process or check for the Route which need to be completed.  Which Statuses you want to include are user-definable and should be setup to meet your specific requirements.