If you have scenarios where you need to copy document links from one record to another (For example, as part of a posting routine) then you may require some additional code. 

Codeunit "Document Links Mgt. CDLTMN" has the following functions to manage Document Links against a record.

  • CopyDocumentLinks(FromRecordID: RecordID; ToRecordID: RecordID)

    • This function will copy any existing document links from a given record to another.

      • FromRecordID – Record ID of the source record

      • ToRecordID – Record ID of the destination record

  • DeleteDocumentLinks(RecRef: RecordRef; RunTrigger: Boolean)

    • This function will delete any document links for a given record

      • RecRef – Record Ref of the source record

      • RunTrigger – will attempt to delete the Linked Documents record, including the files from the storage location, if there are no other links to the file.

  • RenameDocumentLinks(RecRef: RecordRef; xRecRef: RecordRef)

    • This function will copy the document links to a new record and then remove the links against the original record.

      • RecRef – Record Ref of the new record

      • xRecRef - Record Ref of the original record

Note: To support rename or deletion of records from business central, both RenameDocumentLinks and DeleteDocumentLinks are invoked within the product from GlobalTriggerManagment through subscribing to events OnAfterOnDatabaseRename and OnAfterOnDatabaseDelete.