Below each device that has been created you can modify the section labelled Portal Fwk. App. Device Data, which can be used to identify specific types of data (and values) that you want to be used or captured when the Device is used within the MES. E.g. a permanent link can be setup to link the Device to a physical Machine Centre.

You can also use this information to troubleshoot errors that may have occurred within the MES, by using the data to understand what was data was selected at the point of the error and most likely remove the data in the field against the Data Type Code so that the prompt on the device will happen again.

If there is a requirement to setup the Portal Fwk. App. Device Data against a device, here is what is required:

The first field to select is the Data Type Code which is done using the drop down on the field. The list presented to you shows the available data types that have been created during installation of the MES solution. Data Type Codes define the types of data that are to be collected by MES and to then be used within Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central when information is registered.

The Data attribute (as seen above) will hold the value that is being used to relate to the Data Type Code at the current point in time.

Once the Data Type Code has been selected, the Retain Data field also needs to be specified (or left blank) to denote how the system should treat the Data Item within the MES. The available options for the Retain Data setting are detailed below.


When Blank is selected Means that it the Device will use any value set in the Data field and use this when running the MES Portal. For example, if I have Data Type as Centre, Data as 130 and Retain Data as blank, the MES Portal would not ask the User to confirm the Machine Centre when loaded - as it already has a value to use. If no Data is specified (no default value) then the MES will prompt the user to select a Machine Centre within the MES (according the Data Selection rules based on the MES Setup) before Production Orders can be processed.

The only way to change these setting is to either change it in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central or click the back button in the MES portal which will take the user back a page and allow them to select a new Centre. This newly chosen option of Centre will then push back to the settings in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central and be stored within the Data field.

The Data will also be cleared when the 


Means the data stored for the Data Type Code is retained for the device session. 


When this option is used you are implying that the Data value for Data Type Code will always be the same on this Device. It means that that if the user were to click the back button in the MES portal it won’t allow a different value to be chosen.

The data options can only be changed in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

NB: By default, the system will create a Portal Fwk. App. Device Data for each Machine Centre and setup the Centre Data Type Code with a Data value matching the Machine Centre Code. This record will be set as Permanent, essentially ensuring that the device is linked directly to the Machine Centre and when selected on the MES the operator will not need to select which Machine Centre they are working.