Creating a Token Barcode

Connecting the Handheld for Warehousing Device App with your Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central Environment is made easy with our Connect Device App action.

Select the option Use a Token where you will be prompted to either type or scan in the bar code that you generated in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Doing a receipt on the device can be done in a number of ways the first is by Document number. When the user clicks on the receipt function they will be prompted for the document number, this could be the purchase order number or the warehouse receipt number (if the document has already been created).

If this tile is selected the first prompt you will be asked is to scan in the Item No, if it exists on any receipt created for that location (the location you are in on the device) you will then be asked to select which Purchase Order you are working on.

Not only can you receipt in goods by Document Number and Item number but you can also Receipt by Vendor. Selecting the tile Receipt by Vendor will first prompt the user to input the Buy- from Vendor No.

This function allows a user to put-away goods in a warehouse. A put away is created when the receipt lines are posted.

Picking focuses on the sales side of your business processes, going around the Warehouse collecting items relating to a specific order or multiple orders ready for shipment.

Directed Put-Away & Pick gives you access to advanced warehouse configuration features that can greatly enhance your efficiency and data reliability.

The Ex Pick Function known as express picking is used when your location is setup for Advanced Warehousing Unlike the picking function in an advanced warehouse where you are promoted to say which zone you are picking in. This pick function will instead you present you with all the pick lines regardless of zone they are in This function is used in scenarios where you will have pickers who pick across all zones.

Enquiries are small function which are lookup to other data. For instance, if a warehouse users needs to know where an item is within the warehouse they can use one of the functions to determine where it is just by scanning the correct bar code.