A Container Card will need to be created for each separate Container that you want to use. 

A Container Card holds all information relating to the Container such as the Container Type, the Location and Bin where the Container is located as well as listing all the Items which are stored within it on the Contents FastTab.

In addition to this information, Container Entries are also recorded against the Container.  The entries will display all the items movements in and out of the Container so you can see a full history of transactions involving that Container as well as its shipping history. 

You can use the Status Field to define whether or not the Container is Active and can be used on transactions or if it has been Blocked so it cant.  When a Container has been Blocked, it will not be visible and cannot be selected when processing transactions on Warehouse Documents.


Note - Container Cards do not always have to be manually created from the Container Card Page.  They can also be created when processing Warehouse Documents as described later in the documentation.