The key area of Clever Shipment Management is the Shipment Management Route.

The delivery and collection of the goods is scheduled on a Shipment Management Route based on the shipment management criteria.  Documents that are within the same Delivery Area, Location, Shipping Agent and Shipping Agent Service will be placed on the same Shipment Management Route.

From the Shipment Management Route, the warehouse and logistics operations associated with the route can be performed and any required documentation can be produced.


The Shipment Management Route List shows a summary of each scheduled delivery route. The list can be filtered for a specific Location or Shipment/Collection Date.  The Page will be automatically filtered to show Routes that haven't been completed with Shipment Dates up to and including the current Work Date. 

It is also possible to see routes on future dates. This can be useful for forward planning. This can be enabled by setting the Route Display Window option on the Shipment Management Setup.


Note: A user can only view routes for locations which they are assigned to the in the Warehouse Employees page.