Clever Comments also adds functionality to add comments to additional areas of the system. 

The following Application areas can now have comments attached:

  • Ship-to Address
  • Order Address
  • Remittance Address
  • General Ledger Entry
  • Customer Ledger Entry
  • Vendor Ledger Entry
  • Bank Account Ledger Entry

The following Inventory and Warehouse documents can now support having comments at the document line level as well as the document header:

  • Warehouse Shipment Lines
  • Posted Warehouse Shipment Lines
  • Warehouse Receipt Lines
  • Posted Warehouse Receipt Lines
  • Warehouse Pick Lines
  • Registered Warehouse Pick Lines
  • Warehouse Put-away Lines
  • Registered Warehouse Put-away Lines
  • Warehouse Movement Lines¬†
  • Registered Warehouse Movement Lines
  • Inventory Pick Lines
  • Posted Inventory Pick Lines
  • Inventory Put-away Lines
  • Posted Inventory Put-away Lines
  • Inventory Movement Lines
  • Registered Inventory Movement Lines
  • Transfer Order Lines
  • Posted Transfer Shipment Lines
  • Posted Transfer Receipt Lines
  • Posted Direct Transfer Lines
Note: The addition of having comments at line level of Inventory and Warehouse documents allows more logical inheritance of comments. For example, if a Warehouse Pick document inherits comments from multiple Sales Orders then the comments can be stored against the relevant line.