Clever Comments also adds functionality to add comments to additional areas of the system. 

The following Inventory and Warehouse documents can now support having comments at the Document Line level as well as the Document Header:

  • Warehouse Shipment Lines
  • Posted Warehouse Shipment Lines
  • Warehouse Receipt Lines
  • Posted Warehouse Receipt Lines
  • Warehouse Pick Lines
  • Registered Warehouse Pick Lines
  • Warehouse Put-away Lines
  • Registered Warehouse Put-away Lines
  • Warehouse Movement Lines¬†
  • Registered Warehouse Movement Lines
  • Inventory Pick Lines
  • Posted Inventory Pick Lines
  • Inventory Put-away Lines
  • Posted Inventory Put-away Lines
  • Inventory Movement Lines
  • Registered Inventory Movement Lines
  • Transfer Order Lines
  • Posted Transfer Shipment Lines
  • Posted Transfer Receipt Lines
  • Posted Direct Transfer Lines

The addition of having comments at line level of Inventory and Warehouse documents allows more logical inheritance of comments. For example, if a Warehouse Pick document inherits comments from multiple Sales Orders then the comments can be stored against the relevant line.