Opening the "Credit Held List" either via the Search bar or directly from the "Sales Order" by clicking into the Manage Credit Status in the ribbon, will show a list of unposted documents currently placed on Hold that require action. The Credit Controller User can only see document entries for Customers where they are the Credit Controller stored on the "Customer Card". 

The list contains a lot of useful data that helps to assist the Credit Controller with their decision as to whether to release the sales document or leave it as Credit Held. 

As well as a list of the Document Type and No's, the Credit Held Reasons per document are shown so at a glance, you know why the entry is credit held. The Bill-To-Customer and Bill-to-Name easily identifies the Customer and the Amount Including VAT is displayed showing the Total document value. 

The DateTime Credit Held field shows the date and time the document was placed as credit held which may be useful to Credit Controllers in prioritising which documents can be released first. The Bal.Over Cr. Limit (LCY) at Credit Check field shows the Customers balance that exceeded the Credit Limit at the point of being held. The Overdue Balance (LCY) at Credit Check shows how much money was overdue at the time the credit was held for the entry. Both of these fields have tooltips so that when you hover over them, a more detailed description is given. 

When the Credit Controller opens this page, the list of held entries will be displayed which require action. In the ribbon, you have the option to 'Release' the document. This will immediately remove the entry from the 'Held Documents' list and move it to the 'Released Documents' list. You can toggle between the pages to see the Held Vs Released documents. These are 'Open' (unposted) sales documents which either require action or have been actioned. 

If you choose to view the 'Released Documents', you will see the option in the ribbon for 'Hold' becomes available. If you select an entry on the 'Released documents' list, you can then select 'Hold' to place this back on Credit Held. You are also able to select multiple entries at 1 time from either list and release them or place them on hold. Selecting multiple entries will update the 2 total fields at the bottom of the page. 

On pressing 'Release' on the "Credit Held List", a check will be made to see if the Credit Controller releasing the document has a sufficient Credit Release Limit or has Credit Held Rel. Unlimited set against them in the "Credit Controller list". If the Credit Controller meets the criteria the document will be released. If the user doesn’t have a high enough Credit Held Release Limit to release the document, they will receive an error.

Once the Order Status on the document header is set to Released it can be actioned accordingly. When the document has been credit released, the Credit Status, Amount Credit Released and Credit Released by/Date Time fields will be updated. 

Note: If you modify a released document, it may end up going back through the Credit Hold process based on your setup. If you want to cancel a credit check, you can do this from the "Sales Order" by clicking into the Manage Credit Status button in the ribbon and selecting Cancel Credit Check

Also available from the ribbon of the "Credit Held" List is within the Reports action. The 'Statistics' button will open up the Standard Business Central sales statistics page for the entry selected. Within the Related tab, you can press 'Card' which will open up the sales document. 

The Clever Credit Statistics Factbox is now available on the "Credit Held List" to provide even more information at a glance. This will show the relevant data for the line highlighted on the "Credit Held List" and the flowfields containing data are based on Today's Date. This can be seen in the Overdue Balance, which will, for your Credit Controller Code, show all entries for the specified Customer No, that are 'Open' and have a Due Date less than Today's Date. This also includes a Date filter of '..(Today)'

Information such as the Outstanding Orders (LCY) is calculated based on the 'Open' "Sales Orders", where Amount Including VAT - the Amount Shipped Not Invoiced (LCY) is calculated.

Service Credit Held List

"Service Orders" work in the same way that Sales documents do, except their held entries will go to the "Service Credit Held List". This has the same functionality and fields as the "Credit Held List" and can be managed in the same way, releasing and holding unposted documents as required.  

The "Service Credit Held List" can be accessed both from the Search bar or from the "Service Order" ribbon via the Manage Credit Status button. When credit held, the Credit Status will show this is being 'credit held' but will also display the Status as 'Pending'