Clever MES

Issuing masses of paper and waiting for its return doesn’t work in today’s instant answer world.

With touch screens at every work centre, Clever MES (Manufacturing Execution Systems) enables you to collect job information in real-time in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central – what’s started, running, paused, stopped or complete etc. – for improved visibility across the organisation.

This App allows you to record exactly what happens on the shop floor, focusing on who is working at which machine centres and the production orders they are working on. It records the time spent on each job, the scrap that they have had to post, the output and the consumption that they have posted in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.

Clever MES also provides work centre operatives with the correct job sequencing, visibility of outstanding jobs, details of the materials and processes needed for each job and links to drawing and other supporting documentation/information.

Use Clever MES to:

  • Work Faster with better production insight

  • Control and monitor your production areas efficiently in real - time

  • Know who worked on what and how they preform compared to their colleagues.

  • Be ahead in knowing when any operation is not going to plan when it’s happening rather than days later.

Clever MES presents a dedicated portal, with a large touch friendly interface, for use on tablets in the warehouse or on the shop floor, so you can avoid having a PC in every area.

Note: Clever MES will only work for those customers who have Premium Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central.