The next FastTab down is the Shipment FastTab. The fields available here will be used when processing Shipments on the Handheld device.


Print Delivery Documents:

This Field can be Enabled if you would like to print off any delivery documentation when processing shipments on the Handheld device.


Post Invoice on Shipment:

This Field can be Enabled if you are also using the Clever Shipping Agent Integration App.  Clever WMS Devices works in conjunction with the Clever Shipping Agent Integration to allow you to process Consignments when posting Warehouse Shipments from your handheld device.  Please refer to this link for more information Clever Shipping Agent Integration - About

Once Enabled, when processing a Warehouse Shipment on a handheld device, the Sales Invoice will also be automatically posted at the same time.  This functionality would would generally be required when processing International Shipments but can also be used with Domestic where required.