• What is the impact of not storing my documents on SharePoint?

The main thing to think about is the size of the database, as you store and link more documents in Microsoft Dynamics 365 Business Central the more it will grow regarding achieving your documents. Its not recommend for businesses who plan on storing and retaining a lot of documents.

  • Can you drag and drop directly from Outlook?

The following 'free to use' add-in for Outlook enables you to drag direct from your Outlook inbox and creates a .msg file just as if you have gone via the desktop. Admittedly having to install a setup.exe client side is not perfect but then they are using client-side software with Outlook so that's an Office problem not a Dynamics problem. https://tonyfederer.github.io/OutlookFileDrag/

To use just download the 64bit version, run the setup.exe then restart outlook and it should ask you to authorise the drag and drop add-in.

  • Do the documents always have to be stored in the Database?

No, if you have another of our apps installed, Clever Document Links, you can set it to store your documents where you are storing your document links documents. On the Document Delivery setup page there is a field called Use Document Links Storage, if enabled it will save the documents there rather than the database.

  • Which OCR services does Clever Document Links integrate with?

Cloud OCR service by ABBYY ocrsdk.com. You will require an account with ABBYY to obtain the API key that will be used to authenticate from Business Central.

  • Which images type can be recognised by the OCR service?

See the technical specification here: https://www.ocrsdk.com/documentation/specifications/image-formats/

  • Which barcode types can be recognised by the OCR service?

See the technical specification here: https://www.ocrsdk.com/documentation/specifications/barcode-types/

  • Is there a limit to the file size that can be downloaded by Clever Document Links?

As the files are downloaded from SharePoint using its web API, the file size is limited by the maximum web response size that AL clients are configured to handle (by default 15MB). Please see https://docs.microsoft.com/en-us/dynamics365/business-central/dev-itpro/administration/configure-server-instance#NavAdminSettings for more information (particularly the NavHttpClientMaxResponseContentSize configuration key)