Version 4.3.1 – Release Date 21/03/22 

Change Type Description
Enhancement Added "OnAfterResetFilters" Event on Container Detail to allow Page Filter Overrride

Version 4.3 – Release Date 14/02/22 

Change Type Description
Enhancement Permission Set Changes 
Enhancement Address BC19 Compiler Warnings

Additional Fields Added to 'Landed Cost Container' Card and List:

- Bill of Lading No.

- Shipping Agent

- Shipment Method Code

- Vessel/Flight Ref

- Seal No.

- Shipment Date

- Arrival Date

- Port of Loading

- Port of Discharge

- Place of Delivery

- Place of Receipt

- Shipping Marks

- Actual Weight

- Actual Volume


Added Support for Filtering by 'LC Container No' when using the 'Use Filters to Get Source Documents' Function on Warehouse Receipts

Version 4.2.4 – Release Details 

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Resolved issue which occurred when “Automatic Cost Posting” was enabled and multiple landed cost Warehouse Receipt Lines were being posted. An error would appear advising that the G/L Entry already exists.

Version 4.2.3 – Release Details

Change Type Description
Bug Fix Posting Multiple G/L entries for receipts when receipt is posted by handheld

Version 4.2.2 – Release Details

Change Type Description
Enhancement Event to override Document Landed Costs inserts – Add OnInsertDocumentLandedCost to support bespoke behaviours
Bug Fix Update Item Landed Cost is called on after deleting which attempts to modify the deleted record on a duty line – Unable to delete duty item landed cost
Bug Fix Pull duty from item tariff on item landed costs – set duty on validating the cost type from item